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Become A Hypnotist with our Hypnosis Certification Course

Our Hypnosis Certification Course is the most comprehensive hypnosis training program in existence. Click Here For More Information »


Hypnosis Certification Course

readyforsuccess‘THINK’ of your future… Do you really want to be a slave to somebody else for the rest of your life, OR, do you want to ‘work for yourself’ full or part time, and change your lifestyle for the better?



New Career In JUST 3 Days! – Earn Up To $200 Per Hour! – Working Full or Part Time From Home or Office!

Your new career as a Clinical Hypnotist ‘guarantees’ you flexible working hours, working either part time or full time, from an office or from home, giving you the ability to expand your income, enabling you to create the lifestyle you’ve always wanted, at the same time as helping others, and a profession where your age doesn’t matter!

Training as a clinical hypnotist can be so rewarding as a part time , or full time career or profession, within just 3 days of training with Hypnotist Mark Anthony, one of Australia’s Leading Hypnotists, we guarantee that you will be able to graduate and begin practicing immediately as a certified clinical hypnotist.

An average hypnotherapy session costs anywhere from $120-$200 per hour, therefore giving you a lifestyle that you could only imagine and dream of before now!

Our Hypnosis Certification Course is the most comprehensive hypnosis training course in existence. This Hypnosis certification course will give you all the knowledge and skills you need to start your own Hypnosis business from Day 1.

You will learn:

• Basic Hypnosis Principles
• Advanced Hypnosis Techniques
• Business & Marketing For Your New Hypnosis Practice

Stage Hypnosis Training

Learn all the skills that you need to become an ‘Amazing’ Stage Hypnotist from Australia’s Leading Stage Hypnotist

  • Classroom environment with like minded students
  • Taught by the Number 1 Stage Hypnotist in Australia
  • Certification Awarded on Graduation Day
  • You can begin Earning an Income on the Next Day

Business & Marketing

We teach our Basic and Advanced Hypnosis Certification Program at our Academy on the Gold Coast. Learn everything you need to start your own hypnosis business or gain the new skills required for professionals already in a related field.

The MAHA Guarantee


The Mark Anthony Hypnosis Academy offers you a guarantee that is the first of its kind in Australia (possibly the world).

When you complete any one of our certification courses, the Mark Anthony Hypnosis Academy guarantees that you will make your investment back and/or break even in the first year of practicing hypnosis.


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