When: Thursday 15th June 2017
Where: Gold Coast (venue to be advised)
Start Time: 6pm

I’m sure you’re wondering what this FREE Hypnosis Information Seminar is all about aren’t you?

How will this FREE seminar help you in your future?
How will this FREE seminar give you the skills to HELP OTHERS in life, while at the same time making a living?
How will this FREE seminar help you to potentially earn up to $120 per hour working full or part time?
How will this FREE seminar help you to achieve a lifestyle that you could only DREAM of until now?
How will this FREE seminar help you to TRAVEL Australia wide by working as well as holidaying at the same time?
How will this FREE seminar will help you realise that age in the Hypnotherapy profession doesn’t matter?

Mark’s philosophy on life is that “we only live once”, so why don’t you come along to our FREE seminar, and find out how Mark’s life changed dramatically FOR THE BETTER, as he went from a ‘Mindless Delinquent To A Mindful Hypnotist’, traveling the globe performing on the largest cruise ships in the world.

Find out how Mark travels Australia treating clients, helping them to Stop Smoking, Lose Weight, become Anxiety Free, Stress Free, ridding them of debilitating Fears and Phobias and much more!

Mark’s clients now include Tv and Sports Personalities, Mum’s and Dad’s, Children, and Multimillionaires… not bad for somebody who grew up on one of London’s roughest housing estates, and left school without any real qualifications.

Don’t Miss This Opportunity to CHANGE YOUR LIFE for the better, come along to our completely FREE, no obligation Hypnosis Information Seminar and find out how becoming a Clinical Hypnotist could CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

As a FREE BONUS just for attending, Mark will be treating everybody in the room on the night, a FREE Hypnosis Session valued at $499, which is Mark’s usual fees are for a one on one Hypnosis session in his clinic!

Thursday 15th JUNE 2017 – Gold Coast (venue to be advised)


Email: FREE@MarkAnthonyAcademy.com