Our 3 Day Hypnosis Certification Course is the most comprehensive hypnosis training program in existence. This Hypnosis certification program will give you all the knowledge and skills you need to start your own Hypnosis business from Day 1.

You will learn:

• Basic Hypnosis Principles
• Advanced Hypnosis Techniques
• Business & Marketing For Your New Hypnosis Practice

Our 3 Day Stage Hypnosis Training Course includes the best hypnosis content with practical application training and is taught by the best in the industry. This training program includes all the training you need to become a Stage Hypnotist or Street Hypnotist.

Our Mission: To teach individuals the ability to become ‘Professional Stage Hypnotists’. To install exemplary hypnosis ethics in to all students, to provide them with the knowledge of how to perform a magnificent stage show and to make support available to all students on completion of their course in their hypnotic adventures.

  • Classroom environment with like minded students
  • Taught by the Number 1 Stage Hypnotist in Australia
  • Certification Awarded on Graduation Day
  • You can begin Earning an Income on the Next Day