Stage Hypnosis Training

Learn all the skills that you need to become an ‘Amazing’ Stage Hypnotist from Australia’s Leading Stage Hypnotist

  • Classroom environment with like minded students
  • Taught by the Number 1 Stage Hypnotist in Australia
  • Certification Awarded on Graduation Day
  • You can begin Earning an Income on the Next Day


Stage Hypnosis Training Program

3 Days

Includes All The Stage Hypnosis Training Required To Become A Very Successful and Capable Stage Hypnotist… Your Trainer is ‘Australia’s Leading Stage Hypnotist’… Hypnotist Mark Anthony!

Our Mission: To teach individuals the ability to become TOP Stage Hypnotists. To install exemplary hypnosis ethics in to all students, to provide them with the knowledge of how to perform a magnificent stage show and to make support available to all students on completion of their course in their hypnotic adventures. Mark Anthony Hypnosis Academy is dedicated to teaching each and every one of its students how to become a great stage hypnotist.

  • Classroom environment with like minded students
  • Taught by the Number 1 Stage Hypnotist in Australia
  • Certification Awarded on Graduation Day
  • You can begin Earning an Income on the Next Day

2017 Course Dates:

August 25th / 26th / 27th

Mark Anthony Hypnosis Academy
Gold Coast QLD Australia

Friday, Saturday and Sunday


Stage Hypnosis Training DAY 1 | FRIDAY
9:00am – 12:00pm MODULE 1: Understanding the Law for and of Hypnosis
1:00pm – 3:00pm MODULE 2: Dissecting a Show – From Start to Finish
3:30pm – 6:00pm MODULE 3: Volunteers + Induction = Show (part one)
Stage Hypnosis Training DAY 2 | SATURDAY
9:00am – 12:00pm MODULE 4: Volunteers + Induction = Show (part two)
1:00pm – 3:00pm MODULE 5: My Volunteers are Hypnotised… Where to from Here?
3:30pm – 5:00pm MODULE 6: Developing Yourself, Your Character and YOUR Show
Stage Hypnosis Training DAY 3 | SUNDAY
11:00am – 1:00pm MODULE 7: Putting the ‘Safe’ into Safety Your safety
2:00pm – 4:30pm MODULE 8: The ‘How To’s’ of Show Enquiries and Bookings. The ‘Must Haves’ in Marketing
5:00pm – 7:00pm MODULE 9: Mark’s Magic (and not so Magic) Moments. Learning from Experience. Q & As
8:00pm Graduation and Close + Drinks

About Your Stage Hypnosis Instructor

Mark Anthony is Australia’s Leading and Busiest Stage Hypnotist. Mark has performed thousands of Comedy Hypnosis Stage Shows, and has hypnotised hundreds of thousands of volunteers. Mark has appeared on countless radio stations, newspaper interviews and articles and also on popular television shows. Mark Anthony has many corporate clients including Brisbane Broncos, Telstra, Optus, Hungry Jacks, St George Bank, Energex, RSEA, McDonalds, Bond University, Mission Australia plus much much more. Mark also performs for five Top Cruise Liners as their Headline Performer, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Carnival Cruise Lines, Princess Cruise Lines, Azamara Cruise Lines, Celebrity Cruise Lines, pubs, clubs, taverns and rsl’s across Australia.

A very experienced and dedicated Stage Hypnotist, Mark Anthony has a passion for hypnosis and is now ready to pass on his passion to each and everyone one of his students.

Hypnotist Mark Anthony knows the ‘serious’ side of Hypnosis, treating thousands of clients one-to-one for hypnosis therapy, as well as conducting both Stop Smoking and Weight Loss Seminars (which have been written by Mark Anthony himself), Mark also has a series of audio recordings available for people wishing to overcome issues and problems in their lives and enhance their well being. Mark has also published a book – the ‘SimplyEasy’ Method for stopping smoking, and is at present working on his latest book “The Rogue Hypnotist”, a book of his very troubled life, and what it took to turn his life around ‘completely’, becoming one of The World’s Leading Hypnotists!


3 Days is actually more than enough time to study, understand, practice and be competent as a stage hypnotist when you’re being taught by ‘Australia’s Leading Stage Hypnotist’. In fact you will be conducting hypnosis by the end of the first day.

With our fast track system of teaching hypnosis you will be able to help others progress in no time.

What most people don’t realize is that hypnosis is a system. There is an actual process to conducting sessions that can be taught and learned very easily in a very short time.

“It does not have to be difficult to be worthwhile.”

How Do I Become A Certified Stage Hypnotist?

The Mark Anthony Hypnosis Academy has created the Certified Stage Hypnosis course. On completion of the course, you will be a Certified Stage Hypnotist.

After successful completion of the course and examination, the Mark Anthony Hypnosis Academy will mail you a Certificate of Completion as a Stage Hypnotist.

Do I Receive Support After I Complete The Course?

This is where we differ from every other Hypnosis Training Organisations. We do not just train you and forget you! We have a comprehensive support structure to ensure that you become a successful Stage Hypnotist.

Our support includes:

fa1 Year access to our private facebook group. Where you can communicate directly with your course instructors and other students.

mail1 Year email support to help your hypnosis business. No question goes unanswered.

icon2Private membership access to our student portal. Access to comprehensive training materials.

icon3Private invitation to our Hypnotic Mastermind Event. An exclusive opportunity to attend a 4 day mastermind event with top experts and one on one coaching where we help supercharge your Hypnosis Business.

What Is The Cost?

COST: $3,999 (Australian Dollars)

COST: ENROL EARLY  2017 FOR ONLY $3,497 – USUALLY $3,999 (Australian Dollars)

This includes:


Tea/Coffee and snacks on all days of training

Examination and Certification

Please note: Full payment is required before the date of the first class.

We offer a variety of payment options to suit your budget. For more information on payment methods we accept and payment plans please click here.

Are There Any Entry Requirements?

* Be a fully certified Hypnotherapist.
If you are not a certified hypnotherapist but wish to enrol in the Stage Hypnosis Certification you may still have time to attend the Hypnosis Certification program. The Mark Anthony Hypnosis Academy has its own certification program. You can get more information about this course here.

* Hold a current First Aid Certificate. (details available from our office once you’ve registered for the course)

* Hold a current ‘Working with Children’ Card. (details available from our office once you’ve registered for the course)
Throughout Australia, various states have ‘working with children cards. These cards are issued to applicants to provide ongoing monitoring of an individual’s suitability for child-related work. Whilst there are no children at the course, Mark Anthony Hypnosis Academy is dedicated to protecting people, especially children from people who may potentially use Hypnosis for reasons against our mission. As different states have different ‘working with children checks’, you will need to contact your state or territories screening program for application. Please note a small fee is generally associated with applications.

The minimum expectations for entry are:

  1. Basic reading, writing and speaking of the English language.
  2. Basic computer skills including basic workings of the internet.
  3. You bring your own laptop for the duration of the course. Internet access is provided free of charge.
  4. A first aid certificate – If you do not have one, we have a local provider who we have partnered with that can offer you a discounted rate.
  5. Completion of our Hypnosis Certification Program or another recognised Clinical Hypnosis Certification.

If you are interested in taking part in this exciting new course offering, your next step would be to download and complete a Course Enrolment Form. Click here for our enrolments page.